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Have we got any teachers on the forum


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Guest Frank Wilkinson

My wife was Head of Lower School at a large RC comprehensive until she took early retirement. Until administration became a large part of her job she taught geography and English.

Why do you ask?

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I ask because my son is struggling .... He has for years thought he could just be a typical boy with toy's .... No interest. Anyway to cut alomg story short my daughter is the brains my son nope sorry he hasn't got it .


He had an interview for college and has been selected to get in providing he at least get's an C in English Cin Math . the Math they are not to worried about as he will be given additional tutor at college .

to bring up his key skills.

So we asked his teacher for all his English course work back .

She gave us so far Great Expectations and said that she would give him a set back every week so that he could improve it and give it back in.


Tonight I ask where is your home work ...instant tears..I dont understand it mum but son your teacher said that she would give it back and you could re do it. Mum I tried so hard and got a D for that other bit. Now I may not be good with the ...,,, and spellings but even I was a b+ in my day. anyway he worked really hard on this work using the theasarus and not writing crap. Why did you get a D I said because she has 40 other kids shouting at her and she had the hump so she said and you got a D.


He has 6 weeks to go to get his English up . Parents evening is not until the 26 of March I cant get hold of this teacher keep missing her managed to speak with her once and she said she had seen a vast improvement in his work. Whathe say's and I want to check if it's a lie is...................Mum the teacher says if she gives me back any more work she wont have time to send it off to the internal verifier and get it back in time.

What the hell am I supposed to do to help him . I dont want to register him in the local college for 1 year to get key skills. i want him off to his college of choice which happens to be Moreton Morell to be a Farrier like his sister.. So the tears are flooding and not for the want of this child trying. Hope this makes sense.

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