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Top Secret forums?

Tony Jones

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Just scrolled down to see who's online at the moment, and noticed for the first time that there are "15 Forums" on the site.


First, shouldn't the plural really be "Fora?" - but I suppose computer-language has the right to evolve in its own way.


MUCH more disturbing is the fact that I can only count 13 of whatever we call them. Does this mean there are two they won't let me into?


Maybe some really subversive, anti-establishment ones, like "people who sometimes agree with BOTH Frank AND Richard" - that'd be good news, I'd like to join that!

Or maybe it's even worse: perhaps "O&A" is secretly hosting "B&B Chat," or "Travelodge Threads"?? No wonder they wouldn't want us to know.


Come clean, Mods - the public has a right to know what you're hiding!!!

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To check who's been online recently, you can click on the 'Home' button in your toolbox up in the top right-hand corner of the forums; you'll be taken to the forum front page where you can scroll down and see a list of who's online as well as a list of all the discussion boards available.


As for the 'missing' forums - these are ones that have either been superseded or 'rolled together' to form new forums. We don't like to get rid of them entirely (who knows when we might need them?) so we just leave 'em turned off - don't worry, you're not missing out on anything!

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I,m afraid it does happen now and then Tony, and being rather sensitive have to admit that some of the comments I receive can be really hurtfull. The problem might be that i,m easily led, especially by those such as Forester and Michele, who for reasons known only to themselves, delight in taking advantage of my innocence. Regardless of threats from as far afield as Humberside to Pembroke, I shall continue to fight the good fight and offer help and advice, as well as the hand of friendship to all I meet.
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te he howie,

How do you think I send you them private secret messages at night ..

I look down below see who's on line..

You know what else you would be amazed at how many agents work for the KGB and just sit there looking reading steeling all the info for the KGB.


And not giving nothing back to England......... well we know you're out there see just look below Howie. :D

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Hi ,

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ay hello... ;-) ;-)

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Howie ,

I wished sorry to upset you ...I lost my piccy tonight Olive..

went back to reload it and it said file to big ? WHAT it was small last time I looked . waiting for the girls to send me the ones from Le Touquet so far they have come up with one of me drunk ...No way well not drunk I dont drink but had 1/2 glass of wine with the meal. When an up todate one arrives I will finally put it on . Well he will anyway If I beg him inbetween looking on his putor at the somme and agingcore & the war ?.

Walking shoes cameras and toys for boys .....He's been looking at Franks Cameras tonight ...just surfs usually the next venture with the boys in France WAR graves they like to follow the regiments and pay respects and sign the books apparently you must sign the visitors books because something to do with the Grave commission getting more money to look after the Grave sites.. they are kept in beautiful condition with tender love and care. As so they should be.


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Hello Michele,


A bit off topic for the thread but you are probably already aware that the Omaha Graves pic is from the American Cemetry at Colville-sur-Mer which is not just for Omaha beach but all the American war dead from the Normandy Campaign. There are 9000 crosses but only 3500 actually buried there, the others having been returned to the US for burial. There is also a separate memorial for 1000 plus US servicemen missing presumed dead. This was used for the film Saving Private Ryan. Have you visited the area?


We went on a special organised trip in 1996 to the D-day landing beaches, the War Graves, the museums at Arromanches and Falaise, and Pegasus Bridge. We stayed at Camping de la Valle in Houlgate but in a static. The site also had a small number of touring pitches. Hope to return to the area with the van this year.







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Brian Kirby - 2007-02-23 10:43 AM


They're virtual forums Tony, where the computers just chat among themselves.  When they get very cross with each other, like Frank and Richard, they tend to damage their backup systems just to get even with each other.  I blame IBM!


feb god I dont believe it

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