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Carver Cascade Rapide


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I have a Carver cascade rapide water heater fitted to my 99 LaStrada Regent L. Owned it 8 years and water heater been very reliable. It amost always fires up first touch of the button, and if not then second time. Just come back from 2 weeks in scotland. In first week on way up west coast it was a night mare. Constanmtly went to failure. Even waiting the 3 minutes just would nt go when needed in the morning. Might eventually work without failure by late mornijg when all have washed, and breakfast all washed up after boiling a kettle full of water, so hey let it run so as to have some hot water for later. Came to the conclusion the igniter was worn / faulty and would get it sorted on return.

After John OGroats and down the east side began to realise it was working most times straight away, and even on going to battery symbol it would revert back to green light only if hot tap was run. Sometimes even with red failure light on, it would cure itself and ignite, show green and work perfectly for the next few hours giving lovley hot water.

So, is there any point in me getting the igniter seen to ? Cleaned? Serviced? Sending it to A+C at Cannock?

Or is there any possibility that the high winds on the west side were getting into the flue and causing flame failure, and the more tranquil weather of the second week was not causing flame failure. Anyone got any suggestions of whats best to do, as I believe it should work properly come rain or shine, west coast or east coast. However I accept that a 20 year old compoinent is unlikley to work as well as it did when it came out the factory. Your thought s welcome

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If you are reasonably confident that the problem is igniter-related and a replacement igniter is not expensive and straightforward to fit, then replacing that part would do no harm and might be beneficial. After all - as you’ve said - your Cascade appliance is 20 years old and the igniter will have had a lot of use by now.


There is a fair amount of on-line discussion about Carver Cascade heaters being problematic at start-up, but in your case the fault is sporadic. It seems unlikely that high winds are the cause, but if the igniter is OK the pcb may be the culprit.


I assume your reference to A+C at Cannock refers A & R Electronic Developments Ltd




though I note that their terms and conditions state that they test/repair just the gas burner-unit not the complete heater.


You might also ask for advice via this link




A like-for-like replacement for unrepairable Carver Cacade appliances was the “Henry” water heater that was a far-Eastern-built copy but is no longer marketed. Nowadays Propex’s “Malaga 5” could be used, though some modifications would be necessary to install it.




I notice that you sought help here in 2018 regarding battery charging




but, although one forum-member (Alanb) offered a significant amount of advice, you did not respond. It would be useful if you now said whether that problem was satisfactorily resolved and, if so, how.


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