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Elddis for the weekend?


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You may have seen in the C&MC magazine for Sept that Elddis are holding an open weekend this coming Sat and Sun 21/22 Sept at their factory in Consett. We're booked to go, mainly 'cos we have one, a 196, and should like to see how they're made and have a few Q's but also to see what's coming next year.


The article in the mag said to send an email to elddis.co.uk/openweekend which I did a few weeks ago, so if it's of interest, get in touch asap. The mag also suggested coordinating somewhere to stay via the northern region but we've had some difficulty finding a nearby site with space, but we're sorted now - staying at Bishop Auckland.


So, anyone fancy it? Maybe a few cups of tea on sat night? (lol) (lol)

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I have to say not that it helps, we have had this van from new (2012) and found it to be comfortable warm through some severe weather, and loads of storage space. That's the good bit this van has been in regular use if at our cottage in France plugged in through the winter if not being used. Back in the UK is kept in a well ventilated garage heating on in the winter. But the damp reading were unbelievable. The aluminium skin is pickling in several places but there is not sign or smell of damp but readings of over 75% in places up to 200 mm from the floor. It was sad to see it go but have not the time or energy to pursue it having had previous dealings with Elddis. Now have a Burstner built with no wood in the construction of the shell so fingers crossed. Although a slightly bigger van and an A class it has nowhere near the storage of the Elddis

Blown air instead of Alde and a lot more money.

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We had a brilliant day at Elddis yesterday, everyone was warm and friendly and happy to talk and admit problems they'd had and agreed they're trying hard to improve.


As we've found, though problems have been annoying, they have fixed them. We were able to wander round the factory and some of the work stations were working and the operatives were really happy to chat esp to users and were keen to know what they can do to make it a better product.


Chappie on the final assembly line who looked like Si King from the hairy bikers even let me climb the wrong side of the barrier tape and showed me how the water tanks were mounted on a 196 and best way to remove them for internal cleaning. Said he'd pass it through as a suggestion to fit a floor access trap. BTW they make 30 a week and 10 of the PVC's and can't keep up with demand, so big bucks eh?


At another station I mentioned to the operative that the cover tape on the interior panel joins was peeling and could I buy a roll. "No", he said "wait there", and disappeared off and came back a few mins later with a half roll he gave me. He didn't need to do that, could have charged for it but to me it shows that they're more keen to keep a customer happy that to make a couple of pounds.


They had a big display of all their current caravans and motorhomes and plenty of staff and dealers to chat to.


A good day was had by us that's for sure and though a long drive, Cambridge to Consett 230 miles, it was well worth it.


Not a brand new factory but you can see the investment in tooling and process engineering and such genuinely nice people


If you've ever wondered how these things are built, make a point of going next year, you'll be impressed.


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