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Autotrail heating


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Hi, I am new to the site and new to motor homes although have had a few VW campers along the way. I have bought an autotrail excel and have trouble with the Webasto dualtop heating. It shows a code 5 fault after about five minutes of being turned on and the heating blower fan never starts. I can hear the combustion fan working and some heat on the exhaust. I have checked all the fuses. As I have never had a motor home my question is regarding the order in which things should happen when I select heating from the controls. Should the fan start blowing straight away or does it have to heat up before the heating fan will start? Any advice would be appreciated?

Thanks Phil :-D

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I have had a Webasto heating system in the past although a different model to the one you have.

However I did have a problem on a couple of occasions.

I telephoned the UK main dealer/supplier to the trade, Butler Technik (Tel 01427 787121) and spoke to a guy there who was very very helpful.

If you explain your problem and fault code I am sure they would give you all the advice you need.

The website also has all sorts of information such as user manuals and fault codes etc.

If you need a engineer they will tell you who are the approved dealers/engineers as they will not deal direct with a customer.


Further to above the below link is for the Dualtop PDF workshop manual. It lists the fault codes but depends which model you have



Webasto Dual Top Workshop Manual - Butler Technik

Can't get the link to work but if you do a search either in Google or their website I am sure you will find it

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Thanks Chudders, I have been through this information it is very informative but just doesn’t tell me the simple sequence that things should happen. I am sure someone must have the dualtop that will know the answer. If not I will take your advice and give butler technic a call.

Thank Phil

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Depending on the control-panel, the Webasto manual




suggests that error-code 5 can indicate that the voltage of the battery that powers the heater’s electrical side (presumably the leisure-battery in the case of an Auto-Trail motorhome) is too low. This is a common potential problem with diesel-fuelled heaters that need plenty of 12V power during the start-up phase.


Although it might be useful for a description of how a Dual-Top fires up to be provided, I doubt that you are doing anything ‘wrong’. Best you follow Chudders advice to contact a specialist who should be able to talk you through the sequence and comment on the error-code.


Has the motorhome a warranty that you can make use of?



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