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Webasto 2000 STC


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I am about to install Webasto heater, connecting it to the diesel tank inside the van (image 1). Connection for fuel hose is usually on the bottom or on the side of the tank. Is it necessary to have a vented lid. This tank does not have it, neither does the "original" Eberspacher (image E). Some people suggest using a tank that has a lid with one way valve. I would appreciate some advice.

Thank you.

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Installation instructions for an Air Top 2000 STC are here




Whether the heater’s fuel is being taken from the vehicle’s main fuel-tank or a separate tank, the tank will need to be vented.


Webasto FAQs are here




but I don’t think a requirement for tank-venting is mentioned.


Fitting a one-way valve to a dedicated fuel tank makes sense, though whether that’s the ‘best’ way to provide venting will depend on the tank itself, where it is, etc. Obviously, if a dedicated tank is used that tank will need to be replenished with fuel, so venting at the fuel-filler would seem a logical approach.


I used to find Webasto personnel very helpful with technical enquiries, but that was quite a few years ago. Possibly best nowadays to contact Butler Technik for technical advice




I notice that the images you refer to haven’t appeared and the usual reason for this is that the size of the file containing the image is too large. To successfully attach an image the maximum size of the file is 100kb. More detail in my postings on this 2015 forum thread




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Thanks Derek. I did some further research, yes it is necessary to have a breathing valve. It should be "one way" otherwise there would be diesel smell. I guess next time I will be able to attach photos, yes they were too big.
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