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Campervan Malibu


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I write from Italy but I don't think it's important.


I ordered a Malibu 600DB (Carthago) campervan and I'm waiting for it.

We travel throughout Europe both in the hot and cold seasons.

I would like to exchange ideas and information.

Use, technology, hints and tricks.


The model doesn't matter, is there anyone who owns one?


Thanks for your attention



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Hi Max,

We have a 2018 Malibu 600DB bought new in March 2019.’We ‘downsized’ from a Laika Ecovip 300 which was also 5.99 metres and had been faultless in the five years that we had it. We decided to go down the panel van route as we spend a lot of time in the Dolomites and wanted a narrower van. We spent five weeks in it in Italy and Austria and so far the van has lived up to our expectations- bar the flyscreen which disintegrated fairly soon at the beginning of our holiday. To be replaced under warranty.

We chose the Malibu because the layout works for us- very similar to our Laika - and the storage seemed very good. We wanted a van that was robust but also looked good inside. We have been surprised at the amount of storage and have put in most of what we carried in our previous van and having weighed the van loaded, we are still well within the payload.

So far, we are very pleased. It worked extremely well in Italy and we like the size of it on the road. The bed is the best we have in the six vans we have had and we have more kitchen storage in this van than any of the others. My husband is 6’2’’’’ and we are coping well with the smaller space. We have only done 5000 miles so time will tell!

Hope this helps.


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First of all, thanks a lot to everyone who replied.


I am not interested on feedback as I already made my choice and ordered it.

To be more precise, I am not a newbie in the motorhome arena and travels.

I already owned an overcab bed (6 meters Arca), one low profile coachbuilt and one low profile fiberglasss monocoque (6.6mt Laika and 6.2mt Aiesistem)

I already drove something more than 150,000 miles around Europe with them.


Ordered Malibu will come equipped by:

- New Ducato 2.3 140HP (Euro6 d-temp, 3.5ton light, 16 inches wheels, chassis package)

- Main cabin package

. Truma Diesel with additional service battery

- Dinette conversion kit to third bed

- Removable double floor in rear compartment.

- Few minor that I don't remember


Gifts at contract signature:

Media Center with satnav and integrated rear camera



I just ask for hint and tips, e.g.:


- How do you feel with advanced half dinette in cold environment (down to -20/-25°C) ?

- I will probably self install a solar panel. Which make and model are battery charger and control panel ?

- Just curiosity: Which make and model is Media Center ? Fiat ? Other ?


More to come...




p.s. @Derek Uzzell: I read it, thanks.



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