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Murcia Ikea Aire


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Fifo - 2019-10-25 5:22 PM


Thank you actually ! I didn't know about it and it looks perfect for our needs.


Please will you update your post after you stayed ?


I certainly will, but just for your information, having used the Aire a few times before, it can get crowded, but there are in the region of 90 spaces, and some people stay a long time, as there is Ikea, an Aldi and also cheap fuel close by.

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flyboyprowler - 2019-10-26 8:02AM


Free snacks and coffee if you have the Family card!! :-D


Say no more ! Ikea card packed.


Must be heaven for those long stayers: free camping place, free van services and now, free coffee and snacks. A cheap winter !

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