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extra alarm when ignition turned on


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Hi, I have found a yellow plug socket just behind the radiator of my 2008 Boxer based MH that is not connected to anything & is only live when the ignition is on. I have wired in as a temporary fixture that I remove before using the van, a 160 decibel sounder and flashing alarm that activates when the ignition is on. I imagine that there must be other places on most vans that have easy to get to unused connections under the bonnet or somewhere on the van that could be used. The sounder on EBay was £3.66 and should give you plenty of time to chase off any low lifes. Home made Titanium bar with £70.00 security lock on steering wheel plus heavy duty motor cycle chain around steering wheel down to drivers seat adjuster. This with normal alarm & immobilizer should be enough to keep my van secure. "A"
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