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Sweden "off-road" / off the beaten track


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Dear fellow travellers


We are planning to spend a couple of weeks in Sweden in summer (most probably July) and we were wondering if you could give us some recommendations for "off the beaten track" areas / locations?


We are aware that July is high season in Sweden, therefore we are looking for more rural areas in the south or middle of Sweden (not in the extreme north, as it is too far away).

We have an off-road truck, so bad roads are not a problem.


Background info: my husband is having a very stressful time at work, so we are looking for a very relaxing holiday in contact with nature. We are not interested (in this trip!) in visiting towns ... just enjoy the great outdoors!


Thank you!!!!




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If you're really looking to get away from things, the "Wilderness Road" which loops from Strömsund to Vilhelmina (or vice versa) might be your thing.


It may be a little far North for you (but it certainly isn't the extreme North) but the main road heading up there is fine, and there are some good, scenic stopovers.


There is the odd settlement round the loop, but you'd really have to be pretty-well self-sufficient, and though only 250 miles or so round, it could easily soak days of exploration up.

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If you're limiting yourself to south/center it's actually not that easy to suggest something truly away from it all. But then again, it's all forest so easy to get lost :-D


The nearest mountain(ish) terrain you can find is around Salen and it's not too bad. Just not remote. I was skiing there recently and could see myself coming back at some point. Although more as a stopover to the much more interesting Sarek/Padjelanta/Abisko national parks which are sadly much further north.


If mountains are a thing, I'd sooner choose Norway on a tight schedule.


If I were looking for a relaxing time I'd consider kayaking/camping around the Finnish archipelago. I did a day around Ekenäs NP a few years ago and it was sublime. Still haven't made it to Åland Islands between Finland and Sweden. That would definitely be on my list.

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We usually travel in Sweden in July and August as we store our van in Southern Sweden and always end our Euro trip here. Even though it's peak season there are so many lakes you can usually find one that's you can have all to yourselves. You can pretty much camp for one or two nights anywhere due to The Right of Public Access ('Allemansrätt') but I have to say the more popular spots have started to put up signs to stop overnighting but this is only in the most popular places that are getting over loved. The apps park4night and camper contact are good for finding places to overnight but they also upset the locals as in some places they are resulting in many more campers showing up than what was earlier deemed as acceptable. I guess that's the price to pay for these type of apps as many hidden away spots are now exposed.

Gotland and Oland are worth a visit outside of Swedish holidays and we have done both in the last couple of years and mostly wild camped or stayed at small marinas. The ferry to Gotland is quite impressive and pretty cheap to take the camper, Oland is connected by road bridge. I think it was mid August when we visited both and after the medieval festival so pretty quiet. I'm actually in Southern Sweden right now visiting my inlaws, it's been very mild and no snow in the South which was rather disappointing : (

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If you don't want to go too far north, I would suggest the Tannforsen Falls are worth a visit and seemed to be off the beaten track as there were not many people around at the time we went.


They are Swedens largest waterfall - access is from the E14 road which runs between Ostersund in Sweden and Trondheim ( Norway ). We camped in the village of Ann ( but that was some time ago so other places may be available ). I think nearest town was Duved ? )


We were there in June, and when approaching the path was vibrating with the roar / force of the water.




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If you want a quiet site, off the beaten track, to catch up with water/washing etc I can recommend

Bjorsbo Forest & Lake Hideaways


Ashuvud, Bjorsbo 1, Kulltorp 330 31 Sweden


Had an overnight stop there on the way from the Baltic Sea Coast to Gothenberg. Very friendly owner and informal atmosphere.

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