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Changing x250 for x290.


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I assume you will be buying a V65 model that’s panel-van based (There is an S65 that is coachbuilt).


A 2018 Ducato should have a Euro 6 motor




plus ‘beneath-the-skin’ features/changes that were introduced in 2014 when X290 Ducatos began to be marketed.




(You’ll find that the instrument-cluster illuminates when the vehicle’s ignition is switched on, which MAY help to read the speedometer.)


I note from your past postings that your X250 had the “120” motor, so - if the Sun Living 65 has a “130” motor you should notice a difference in performance - and if it has a “150” or “180” motor you will certainly notice a performance increase.


One definite improvement - the leak-prone plastic-bodied fuel filter fitted to your 2007 Adria Twin was superseded in 2011 by a disposable metal canister filter, but I think a 2018 Ducato should have a (very expensive) metal-bodied unit that has a (reasonably cheap) replaceable filter cartridge.


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