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Sealing leak


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The vertical seal on a back corner of my Burstner Solano is looking ropey with a gap along one side. There is damp in the corner of the external cupboard immediately behind it. My plan is to clean out the gap as best I can and fill it with sikaflex 512. Is this a good plan?


1st pic to orientate, 2nd shows gap.


Thanks for any advice.



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This link may help




The link is also referred to in this 2018 forum thread




It will be necessary to completely remove sealant that has become detached from a body-panel before resealing is attempted. It’s probable that the sealant originally employed on Andy’s motorhpme will have been constructional-adhesive type (not a soft ‘mastic’) and removal will need a sharp knife or wood chisel and then a plastic scraper to get the residue off. (DIYers will need to use their initiative when tackling tasks like this.) It would be sensible to stick a few layers of masking tape each side of the old sealant to provide some protection against scratching should the tool slip. Anyway, all the old seal needs to be removed and the area it covered be scrupulously cleaned before resealing.


Sikaflex-512 Caravan’s use is described here




and the principles involved will apply generally.


A potential drawback with Sikaflex-512 Caravan is that it is only available in white and this would stand out on Andy’s motorhome. SIKA (and other manufacturers) offer products in different colours - for example Sikaflex EBT+ is available in grey - and could provide a better colour match.


It might be worth contacting SIKA for advice


Technical Support


For technical support on Sika-Trocal products and systems, please contact a member of our technical services team.


Tel: 01707 394444

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