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Aluminium frames

brissy allan

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Hi .. from Aus and planning to buy used motorhome in the UK around May, and prefer aluminium frame. Struggling to identify those having this framing material v timber. Looking at 2000 > 2010 models at range of £15k to £20k.

Would appreciate feedback on following MHs re whether aluminium or not.

1. Bessacarr

2. Burstner

3. Chausson

4. Hymer

5. Hobby

6. Benimar

7. Dethleffs

8. Elnagh

9. Knaus

10. Pilote


Naturally, coming from down-under, somewhat of a novice re above manufacturers, so happy to take any comments re above that I should consider.




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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Allan.


Regarding construction of coachbuilt motorhomes using aluminium framework the only manufacturers that spring to mind are Bailey (UK) and Le Voyageur (France), and Euro Mobil used to employ an aluminium floor-to-body connector.


For coachbuilt motorhomes built between 2000 and 2010, I think the only manufactuer one might be fairly confident used ’no wood’ bodywork construction would be Hymer. There’s been a gradual move from wood framework to plastic, but 10-years ago and before, wood framework was still the norm.

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