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Old MH Engine Bay Clean! Before/After + Products .Big difference!


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Hi all,


Just showing what a 30mins clean can do in the Engine bay of an old MH, did my HYMER a few weeks back.


Really makes a world of difference when you open the bonnet, you can actually tell what things are!


But most importantly you can see if anythings is going wrong - worn pipe, oil/ coolant leaks etc. I found my rubber mounts for the radiator were completely shot! so replaced. Hopefully saved an expensive failure of the coolant system.



Products used:


Surfex HD De-Greaser









Wire Brush Bit/ with drill:





Paint brush, Hoover, Rags, Hot water, + Elbow Grease!






- Take off one battery terminal to make sure you don't bother any electrics/ Cover any electric connections if your worried about/ look suspect - they are made to be water proof , i didn't cover any over mine.


-- Go over any metal with the wire brush bit for a drill- Manifold, mounts etc ( The before pics already show my one done, trust me they were RUSTY/ OXIDIZED before!


- Get the Hoover and paint brush and just dust off/hoover all parts, you'll be surprised at what comes off!


- Pour your De-greaser into the foamer (I used a neat solution) you can dilute as much as you find suitable for your needs - My engine bay needed the full works! Norm is 50 water 50 De-greaser i believe.


- Foam over all your engine, don't be shy! - and leave for 5-10mins to let the De-Greaser work - Don't let the De- Greaser dry though.


- Now get a bucket of hot water and use the paint brush and a rag to clean the rest - use the paint brush to get into the finicky bits!


- Dry off and your done!


-------------------LIKE SHE ROLLED OFF THE FACTORY FLOOR ALMOST! ---------------------










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