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Degradation of the Panel Join Silicone Seals


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I have a 2015 Elddis with SoLID bonded construction with a 10-year water-ingress warranty.

At the last habitation check, an Approved Workshop engineer, produced a written report that there was no damp but “Silicone – a lot of areas coming away”

And it is true that most of the white silicone sealing between plastic mouldings and the body has split. Some of the sealant appears to be just cosmetic, for instance to fill the gaps where the plastic rear lightboard and wheel arch mouldings are attached to the side walls, and not as a seal against damp entering the motorhome. But its difficult to know what is decorative and what is not.

I fear that there is a distinct possibility that the condition and habitation report will invalidate my 10-year warrantee.

Is it normal to see some cracking of the silicone in a 5-year old motorhome?

The motorhome is now due for the 2020 habitation check. So I think I need to have the silicone dug out and replaced. Probably a long and expensive job and I have no guarantee that the replacement wont also split as the panels move. The hollow mouldings are only a few millimetres thick and meet the side walls at right angles – very difficult to fill and the slightest flexing of the moulding will break the seal apart.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this.


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