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Autocruise starfire


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We have a 2005 2.2HD and it is great. Fits easily on the drive and can be parked in quite small spaces at only 5.5 meters.

Enough storage for the two of us, and comfortable to stay in and drive.

Engine pulls and cruises well.

Cannot think of any negative comments to say about ours, but depends on how they are looked after.

Ours is dry inside, but a dealer told me that the place to look for damp is under the seat around the water pump area.

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If it's a Swift build (2007 or 8 onward) check underneath beyond the rear wheel arch for damp in the floor.

The Swift/Bessacar equivalent models had plastic sheet protection for the ply floor, which inevitably got damaged causing "spongy" floor.

I remember numerous instances reported on the forum at the time, but don't recall any Autocruise models being mentioned specifically.



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