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Painting my caravan

Chris Smith 89

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Hi there,


I bought a beautiful caravan recently that I want to repaint. I saw some videos on YouTube where they turned old caravans into new looking ones and now I want to give my caravan a fresh colour. I’ve done some research on the sort of paint I need and I think will I need to spray coach enamel. I’ve never used that sort of paint, but I assume I will need some sort of mask to protect myself from the paint fumes. Is a simple disposable respirator enough or do I need proper protection like this half-mask respirator when I work with enamel paint?


Has anyone of you ever renovated a caravan and has experience with painting the outside? Which paint do you use? I am thinking of a light green.




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Chris’s enquiry also appears on the Practical Caravan forum, where there have been a few responses




GOOGLE offers advice about using coach enamel and on spray-painting masks






How good the mask will need to be will, to a degree, depend on where the spraying is to be done. In an enclosed shed wearing a high-quality mask will be very importantl: in the open air less so.


I’ve no hands-on experience of large area spraying tasks, though I remember becoming high as a kite after varnishing furniture in a small bedroom.



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