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240 current for 12 volt charger


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Hi looking to buy a 110 to 240 step up transformer to run a Victron ip22 30 amp single output 12 d.c. charger.


This charger will work on 50/60 cycles so frequency is not a problem. Just wonder what size.


Taking van to the US for six months and need a means of charging my batteries from 110 volt 60 cycles mains whilst over there.

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The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem.


Your Victron charger is rated at 14.4V, 30V, efficiency 93%.


So 14.4x30/0.93=465W (approx). That is the easy part. The problem lies in the fact that the charger, in common with many other chargers, is a switch mode device. These devices draw large pulses of current, over a short section of the mains input cycle.


The above pulses of current could cause a 500VA transformer to overheat. My gut feeling would be to go for a transformer with a minimum continuous rating of 1kVA. This should allow operation of the fridge, and small devices such as phone chargers etc. The weight of a 1kVA transformer would be about 9kg.


You should also consider how you are going to connect to US site supplies, of which I have no experience. However I have encountered Canadian site supplies, which I expect would be compatible. The fully rated supplies in Canada where rated at 30A, and accepted a rather large plug and 30A cable. A smaller cable such as our UK 2.5 sq mm csa type, would not be adequately protected. If weight is not a problem you could use a 3kVA rated site supply transformer like this. You would need to fit a US waterproof connector.


My last trip to Canada was many years ago, it is possible that lower rated power outlets were available. Perhaps some research is needed?





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