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Murder 24/7 BBC2


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Has anyone been watching this? A cracking series of documentaries on BBC2 following the work of detectives, forensics and CSI folk in solving murder cases.


The first aired on Tuesday and concluded last night was pretty horrible but police had one suspect almost immediately, who said nothing. They chased another guy all over the place without success....only for him to turn himself in at a police station late night and start singing like a canary! Through him they got suspect number 3, but the fourth remained unidentified as he only knew him by a nickname. That eventually changed and before long they had him in custody.


A good result in the end after CPS went with the evidence police had, which was flimsy in places, but a successful prosecution and the outcome was not what i'd expected.


The second case only took up half last nights programme as the guy involved admitted straight away what he'd done and didn't even want legal representation. His case was pretty sad all round. Looking forward to the next episode which airs on Monday at 9pm - 10pm with a new case. For some reason episode 1 isn't coming up on iplayer but last nights episode 2 gives you an idea of what went on.



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