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Fuse for leisure battery power


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Many thanks for adding me to the forum. I am looking for some help.


Motorhome plugged into house mains and all power works inside motorhome.

Put on vehicle battery and all power works inside motorhome.

Put on leisure battery ......... and no power in motorhome. Battery charge indicator shows 0.

Test battery using a voltmeter and it is at 10 (a bit low I know).


Is there a fuse for leisure battery power?


Or any other item to check?


Many thanks


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There should be a fuse for the leisure battery but it may be that the charger has shut down due to the low voltage it can see.It would help to know model and year of motorhome and which electrical system if known.
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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forum, Owen.


Congratulations on finding the failed fuse. It is still a mite concerning, though, that your testing of the leisure-battery’s voltage produced such a low reading. As will be apparent from the attached table a 10V reading is more than “a bit low” and would normally indicate a decidedly ‘dead’ battery.


If your battery has become so heavily discharged merely because the failed fuse has prevented it being charged recently, the battery may recover if it is charged as soon as possible with a suitably powerful battery-charger for (say) at least 24 hours. Otherwise you may need to replace the battery.


As was mentioned above, should you have other technical queries, you’d really need to provide details of your motorhome as advised in the forum thread near the top of the Motorhome Matters homepage.




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