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Decent, stand-alone battery charger?


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I'm looking for recommendations re; the above.


Over recent years I've had a 5amp *Ctek charger (60-70 quid?) which died after little more than three years(approx) and this was hastily replaced with a "cheapie" (25 quid?) Maypole intelligent charger (a Ctek-esque lookalike)and again that didn't last more than a couple of years!?...


Neither of them were given a heavy workload.

(..and I recall my Dad having the same metal-bodied charger for 20 plus years!)

So, without spending silly, professional workshop levels of money, can anyone suggest a decent-enough charger(or brands of charger) for occasional use on cars and a light van?


(*I'm reluctant to get another Ctek having felt let down by the product previously)




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My CTEK 5 amp was playing up and going into fault mode, I noticed the proprietary connector was warm when pulling it out indicating a poor connection. I chopped it off and fitted a standard SAE connector and no issues since. I have read that the connectors used on the smaller CTEK's are problematic and I understand they use a different style on the newer units.

I also purchased a Victron 30 AMP charger recently and it has bluetooth that so I can monitor whats going into the battery. The main reason I bought it however was it has a storage mode of 13.2V that kicks in after float (13.5v) to prevent damage due to overcharging when connected for long periods.

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