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Water temperature gauge puzzle


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2006 Autocruise on a Peugeot 2.8 HDI base.

About four years ago the temp gauge suddenly started to misbehave. As soon as the key was turned, the needle moved to the 'normal' position and stayed there. While the 'van was with my pet mechanic for some other work we discussed the problem and thought it unlikely to be the sender unit as it would probably either not work at all or shoot round to the 'high' position. Anyway we decided to change it any way and it made no difference. So for nearly four years the gauge has performed just like that at every use.

This week I fitted a new engine / starter battery as the original one from new was getting a bit tired after fourteen years!


I installed the battery, turned on the 'ignition' key and the gauge works! How did that happen then?


Something to get your brain cells working on and take your mind of the state of the world :-S



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