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Mother's Day

Guest starspirit

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Guest starspirit

To all you Mums and wives out there

who do your best to love and care

for us ungrateful load of guys

can I just say I realise

just how hard you work at life

to be much more than 'just a wife'


I salute you all on Mother's Day

but please don't ask for yet more pay

I respect you all I'm proud to state

where would we be without our mate

up the creek without a clue

or sat at home just feeling blue


So heartfelt thanks go out to all

I hope your day is quite a ball

but not just one day in the year

our love and need for you is clear

and even though we might not say

we love you every single day


And when our love is growing old

and some things shrink because it's cold

remember all the years of joy

and every little girl or boy

our love created many things

but most of all it gives us wings



That ought to be worth a few Brownie points.

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Yeah Mr fred the gone to bed head...let's have the originals....

:->Children Need a Daddy


Children need a Daddy

For many, many things:

Like holding them high off the ground

Where the sunlight sings!

Like being the deep music

That tells them all is right

When they awaken frantic with

The terrors of the night.


Like being the great mountain

That rises in their hearts

And shows them how they might get home

When all else falls apart.


Like giving them the love

That is their sea and air,

So diving deep or soaring high

They'll always find him there.






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