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Wheel arches...Autoquest

Gordon Mc

Wheel arches...Autoquest  

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Gordon.


I’ve attached an image of what I believe is a 2003 Autoquest 200


Assuming that it’s the rear wheel arches you are asking about, I’ve added a more detailed image.


Given your motorhome’s age, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to obtain new arches off the shelf and, if you really need replacements, you will probably have to get them made.


(It might be useful to know why you need replacements. Are the present arches beyond repair?




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Hiya and thanks for the reply....Yes these are the arches. The ones I have are glass fibre and beginning to crack. It is more a cosmetic concern but be nice to fit new ones. I guess unless there is a supplier of replacement parts, I'll have to work out how to make them myself....Joy...
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If it's the "spats" rather than the internal wheel arches themselves, then have a search on eBay.


There are quite a few listings that cover both Elddis caravans and Motorhomes, a number of which implying that there is some crossover between the parts for both.


Patently shape and dimensions will be important, but you may just find something.







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Gordon Mc - 2020-04-22 10:16 PM


Hiya and thanks for the reply....Yes these are the arches. The ones I have are glass fibre and beginning to crack. It is more a cosmetic concern but be nice to fit new ones. I guess unless there is a supplier of replacement parts, I'll have to work out how to make them myself....Joy...


Are you sure the arches are made of GRP rather than ABS? The latter material - often used for caravan and motorhome plastic ‘cosmetic’ parts - is crack-prone (and tricky to repair) whereas a well-made GRP moulding is much less likely to crack spontaneously.


There are companies that will manufacture replacement mouldings or repair them (examples here)








There’s lots of on-line advice on DIYing GRP mouldings




but my own experience suggests that DIYing a pair of new rear arches for your motorhome would be a daunting task.


If the existing arches are GRP, it should be practicable to repair and refinish them either DIYing the task or having the work done professionally. Boat repairers will have plenty of GRP-related experience, so you might try contacting one if those.

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Derek's absolutely right, making new moulds and then the spats is a daunting task.


I have some expereince of GRP moulding and in fact at the moment I'm making a nose cone for a large model aircraft ad I can assure you that it takes an inordinate amount of time. Not only the actual moulding process abut there's an awful lot of waiting for stuff to dry. For example today I've taken off a half of a mould from a foam plug (that took twenty hours to make) and I've put three coats of mould release wax on which each takes best part of an hour to dry, then tomorrow I'll lay up the gelcoat and matt and I'll then have a fuinished mould. Half a day to rub it down ready for taking a part off it. It is a very time intensive process and the materials aren't exactly cheap but you can get them on line. I find CFS a good source and they'll deliver during these difficult times.


In the OP's case I's say if he can salvage as much of the old crappy one, he'd do well to do that and use that as a plug adding on blue or pink foam to build up the shape. Yo can repair ABS using a soldering iron and some scraps of similar material.


However, it is a very satisfying job and one I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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This 2012 UKCampsite forum thread discussed an Elddis caravan’s wheel arch cracking, and the penultimate posting summarises the repair task well.




In his original posting here Gordon said


The ones I have are glass fibre and beginning to crack. It is more a cosmetic concern but be nice to fit new ones.


The photo I gave of a rear wheel arch provides little help about the attachment method Elddis employed, but if the arches are glued and screwed in place, removing them would almost certainly be difficult and result in them being further damaged.


Having owned GRP-bodied cars way back when, I’ve plenty of experience repairing the material ;-) and I’ve also scratch-built small GRP items like ar-scoops. If the Autoquest’s wheel arches are made of GRP and the cracking is just in the gel top coat, an in situ repair and repaint should be straightforward and long lasting. If the arches are made of ABS and the cracking goes right through the plastic material, I’m doubtful that a really effective repair could be made without first taking the arches off - but even with the arches removed a DIY repair attempt would likely cause more harm then good.


A photo of the Autoquest’s cracked arches would be useful, but - to cure ‘cosmetic only' cracking - I wouldn’t consider replacing the arches or even removing them for repair. If it’s going to be difficult to address the cracking with the arches in place, the task is best not attempted.

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Have a look at www.motorhomebumpers.com This company .. advertises in the MMM and is based at Canvey Island Essex.They will make you an identical copy and do a postal service. They may have mold in stock. Speak to Anton at 01268 680606. I had a new bumper made there ,stronger than original and made within 1 week. You may have to wait until after lockdown but worth a call.
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Also, try www.caravanpanels.com




Mike at Caravan Panels provided a Bathroom wash basin for our motorhome in January and I couldn't be more pleased with it. In fibreglass rather than the thin plastic of the original it was £125.95 inc VAT and delivery (which was less than two weeks from order). Swift Group price for a replacement in the original thin plastic, a stunning £1782.12 inc VAT. The Caravan Panels item was a perfect match and took me a couple of hours to fit.




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The enquiry was about a cosmetic improvement...see picture.....the arches. on closer inspection are glass fibre so it might be that I can do a reasonable repair/paint job in situe. Thanks for all your valuable advice, it is much appreciated.


Sorry don't seem to be able to add picture....


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Regarding ataching files (photos, etc.) to forum postings, the usual problem is that the size of the file exceeds 100KB.


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