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UK Freedom Movement flops!


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A recently formed group calling itself 'Freedom Movement' planned multiple illegal gatherings across the country to protest Lockdown. This was the result;








And who is behind this bunch of nutjobs? Far right ex-jailbird extremist Jayda Fransen. *-)





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Barryd999 - 2020-05-17 4:52 PM


A fair bit of bother in Hyde park apparently. Mad. Wish they would have called it something else though. Maybe Freedom to be an arsehole.

Fransen nowhere to be seen at any of the gatherings though!


It's a US import. Same happening over there generated by far right nutters.


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Guest rael
747 - 2020-05-17 6:35 PM


Has everyone forgotten the involvement of "the other Corbyn boy" in lockdown protests? *-)


Why would it be memorable?

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