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What About "Pansy Boy" ??? ...


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Guest rael

If its true its would be crazy. However, its written by Paul Joseph Watson, so could be a complete myth. He's a master of fake news and a conspiracy theorist.

This is the man who described British conspiracy theorist David Icke, who he first read as a teenager, as the person who woke him up. He's also buddy to Alex Jones (InfoWars). AJ is an interesting person, to say the least. He claims that 9/11 was an 'inside job' set up by the US government. Whilst I'm trying to be non-judgemental, I think you can probably take with a pinch of salt ,most of what PJW writes.

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Dont worry.


I think you should be ok to carry on using the term "Pansy Boy", "Uphill Gardener", "Spanish Plumber" etc to describe yourself or your friends as long as its done in an affectionate or fun way. For example it would be ok for you to carry on saying things to your Friend Dave (in the Navy) Pelmet like "Hi Dave In the Navy Pelmet, fancy coming round to mine to play with the Swarfega again you old Sausage Jockey"?


But saying stuff like "That Dave, complete Bumder, I hate Bumders!" would be "right out" and not allowed.


See. Easy.

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