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Bound to be a remoaner. Middle class, well spoken. However she is not complaining about other people being there, she is complaining about other people not social distancing when being there.


A bit naive of her though to be honest. Its now been proven without doubt that great swathes of our population are scientifically as Thick as mince. Of that there is now no doubt so the answer is to just avoid them at all costs so dont go to the beach or if you do, pick one that not many people know about.


The other day after the relaxation of the rules (which many have taken for lock down being over) in the upper dales and one of the regions top beauty spots a load of youths came up from the towns to hold a bit of a rave and drugs party. Several car loads of them. Off their tits, big fire going. Of course it spread like wildfire (no pun intended) on local social media, Police came along dispersed it all but didnt take any action. They were even allowed to drive off leaving a God awful mess that that the locals had to clear up the next day.


People up here and in other beauty spots like the nearby Lake district are being accused of being NIMBY's but you cant blame them (us) when this is what you get. They should have put a 25 mile restriction on where you can go. More than enough for anyone to get out and about but it would avoid congestion and increased risk of spreading the virus at popular hot spots. £100 fine if your caught further than 25 miles from your home without good reason. The young girl in the video is probably right. It will all just kick off again now.

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