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Intrepid MH Adventurers


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During lockdown i've come across some interesting MH travels......but none quite like this intrepid trio who bought an old truck for £130, made a few modifications, then with just over £300 and some packs of spaghetti between them, set off to drive from UK to Africa across the Sahara......and back!! 8-)


It was 61 years ago though! :-D


OK so it's made up from colour slides but very well put together, stunning scenery, and the narration is excellent.




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Robbo - 2020-05-20 10:06 AM


Fascinating expedition and extremely well presented. Thanks for posting.

You're welcome and glad you enjoyed it. Apart from the one other Brit they met approaching Africa i noticed the only other foreign adventurers were from Netherland. Nothing unusual in that then as i always spotted NL plated vehicles during my trips and used to think to myself, 'Dutch like to travel'.


It's rare to find any Brit mh'ers with a spirit of adventure that explore further afield than the usual tourist spots but here is one that does. Georgia, Gobi desert, Mongolia, Siberia....he's been all over the place and lives fulltime in his van he converted himself.



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