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This has been subject of many threads on this forum and I have long espoused the benefits of a cheap non-approved tracker that I interrogate directly myself with no outside interpretation. The system I use is from Rewire Security and is incredibly inexpensive.


I received a flyer from them today offering a new Thatcham and Insurance approved system.


Anybody interested, follow the link



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not approved by insurance to my knowledge but just for my own use I've installed one similar to one of these

https://tinyurl.com/y9mm7ry8 accurate to within a few mtrs anywhere in europe using a 2G PAYG simcard obtained from gifgaf so can be free to use if you have a gifgaf sim in your phone as well.

or 1/2 price from china https://tinyurl.com/y7k2gd8u


wait for it he'll be along in a min or 2

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