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Turbo boost pressure sensor renewal completed


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Just to update you from my last posts, I have replaced the turbo boost pressure sensor with a OE bosh part from an online supply store at 20 pounds with exactly the same part numbers.after struggling to remove the slam panel and throttle body it was easygoing to access the sensor and remove and replace it.it is a bit of a dirty job cleaning the throttle body and pipes as advised before reassembly and it was a good time to inspect and clean everything in the engine compartment, it now looks pristine and easy to do with the easer access.i was surprised how dusty and grufty it was after everything was removed, both light units,slam panel, and throttle body and some pipes moved out of the way.now everything is back together and working fine with no engine management light on and no codes pending or stored using a code reader that I previously bought .Thanks for all the advice given to me on this forum as it is really appreciated. Kind regards.Tringy. PS . a satisfying job ,money saved,that’s what I like. Cheers.
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