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Folding table and seats

2GB Racing

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Just asking for the experienced users comments on the folding alloy table and seat combinations I see out there for around £50 Looking for a fold flat unit to site near panel van then place Cadac BBQ on one end which is fed from Bullfinch fitting with baynet hose connection and two adults sit other end and cook and eat, Fit for this purpose or any alternatives.
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Just half an idea, no chairs included


I find this item and you can get shorter lengths one of the best bits of kit I have, as its not too high I use it for the BBQ, coffee or drinks table, and anything else that needs lifting just off the ground and of course a general stool, the huge advantage is you can use it for what its intended, and reach up high cleaning the windscreen etc. its rated at 150 kg so no probs, so versatile

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We used a little work platform, similar to Clive posted above.

It was very handy/versatile.


Personally for general safety and "smoke & fat-in-face" reasons, I wouldn't want to be sitting at the same table that the bbq or stove is sat on though...

..and although there are plenty of combined table and bench setups about (some really cheap'n'nasty and unstable though), I like to keep stuff as versatile as possible, so would opt for separate chairs.


We also had one of the "camp kitchen" type arrangements from our tent days, which we would very occasionally use when we were staying put on a festival site for a few days)


Similar to this type of thing (minus the fabric storage bit and only around 30quid when we bought ours!)-


(trouble is, the more "shelves" you have , the more stuff you end up "deploying"...

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