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Grand vitara 2.0TD 3dr as towing vehicle


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I am new to caravaning and wonder if any one can advise me if this vehicle would be sutiable to tow a 2 berth caravan, possible 15ft (external length) with a max towing weight of say 1250kg


My other vehicle is a citreon C4 1.6HDI and I am not sure which to use as the preferred towing vehicle


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi - I am very much a fan of 4x4's for towing - not only do they tow better in my view on the road, but on wet grass - which is as slippery as ice when lugging a caravan - being able to select AWD Dif Lock and low range is a revelation to those who have never seen it in action.


No tearing up of the grass leaving great muddy scars - just leave the thing on tickover and out of the problem it will creep.


I am not sure what "system" the Vitara uses but I have seen them tow well. Even a loaded horse box on VERY muddy grass was not a problem.


You may want to check out the Vitara Owners Club for guys with actual experience of this vehicle.


As regards your other vehicle - with it being a smaller engine and front wheel drive I doubt it will be as stable towing and I can virtually guarantee wheel spin if you have to manoeuvre the caravan on wet grass.


I do recommend the towing/nose weights etc before setting off.



Have fun!! (lol)

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We use a Grand Vitara 2.5-litre V6 auto (S-reg) to tow our Dethleffs single axle (about 1200kg loaded) - with a genuine Suzuki towbar - and the results were not good.


Petrol and auto are a bad combination for towing anyway (read 9mpg!), but the biggest problem was the weight of the car. Vitaras are just a bit too lightweight and the caravan kept wagging the car about (yes we have a stabiliser).


By contrast I've towed the same van with a VW Passat 130TDI auto estate (no probs), a Nissan Primera dCi (fine) and, best of all, a BMW 530d auto (effortless and utterly stable).


Personally I think the combination of a high centre of gravity, balloon tyres together with low towing capacity makes the Vitara only really suitable for the very lightest of caravans.

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