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Any campsite owners on here?


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Hi! We're interested in running our own campsite and would dearly love some inside information regarding the whole process and the good and bad points with running one.


We have always enjoyed camping (both in tents and caravans) since we were children and we are outdoor type of people so we feel it is a natural lifestyle for us.


Anyone who could be of assistance, we'd be forever grateful! x

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Hi Busababy,

When you say running do you mean owning and buying it

& if so where in England or abroad .


If you mean running it would it not be possible to phone a campsite that you fancy in a location you fancy and ask if there are jobs'?.

and work your way around various sites for example you could work on a campsite that has many placements on it keycamps and so on that would give you a good idea of what it entails...

Good Luck ...Let us all know if you will be taking M/H 's or tent's only ?


Wish you well with your venture (lol)

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