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Waste tank connection


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Hello all.


First post here, I've registered as the forum seemed full of knowledge which hopefully a few may share with me!


Wondered if anyone can help me with a solution to the following.


I have a plastic under vehicle waste tank fitted to the van which was converted by previous owner.


Two waste pipe connect in a Y piece under the chassis then into the waste tank.


To improve drainage from the sink and stop the gurgling shower tray I want to route both wastes separately to the waste tank with possibly larger diameter pipe.


This means I need to add a waste pipe connection to the waste tank.


I haven't yet been able to (and would prefer not to) drop the waste tank off the chassis to see if there is a top access opening for tightening a new tank connector.


Has anyone any experience in fitting a new connector externally without inside access? I was thinking maybe a some sort of tank flange siliconed and pop riveted? Water will never be under pressure or submerged in water and absolute worst case is a drip directly onto the floor.


Or perhaps it's a tank off job.


Will try and add a picture of the sort of thing I was thinking.


Maybe one of you can make sense of all that!




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I too have found Caktanks excellent esp for plumbing and gas stuff. I bought a better water contents gauge from them in Oct and have been meaning to fit it but found the thought of dropping the tank for access somewhat daunting.


A couple of weeks ago I plucked up courage and drove my M/H up the levelling ramps which gave, even a "fuller figure" like mine, enough room for access. 8-)


Drained the tank and using some bricks and a jack it dropped out dead easy, just four 15mm bolts. So don't be wary of taking out the tank, it really isn't as hard as you think. *-)

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Any idea what size the final waste pipe pipe is on an Autoquest as mine appears to go up and over the leaf spring so the bottom 40/50mm doesn't empty unless the MH is leaning the right way. Looking at extending it around the obstruction????

I can't measure it at the moment!!

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