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Hymer 314


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I am trying to find a used Hymer 314 2006 to 2012 for three months now there don’t seem to be any for sale am I looking in the wrong place I have looked at every site including Germany maybe it is very popular and they don’t come on the market often.
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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, John.


Assuming that this type of Hymer 314 model is what you are searching for




are you sure it was marketed during the period 2006 to 2012?


Hymer was building a range of “Van” designs then, but these had a model number beginning with “5” (and were Ford Transit based). This advert shows an example of a Van 512:



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Yes that is the one Derek, it first came out in 2006 and its still made today I have seen a 2018 one for sale but it was in the £57k range I am looking for one in the £30/£40k range so around 2009/2012 I have looked on the Hymer forum no luck and I am not a member of Facebook
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I have (French) Hymer motorhome listings that go back to 1998. These indicate (as I said above) that Hymer has built narrow low-profile designs in the past that it called “Vans”. These were indeed marketed from 2006 and built on a Ford Transit chassis, with production ceasing around 2013. The Ford-based Van numbering system began with a “5” and Van 512, 522, 562 and 572 variants were available.


Hymer revived the “Van” name a couple of years later and the ultra-short Van 314SL model (built on a Fiat Ducato X290 with AL-KO chassis) began to be produced in 2015.


(I think Hymer dropped the “Van” range by 2019.)


This advert for a Hymer Van 314






"Hymer reintroduce the legendary VAN. Brought to the marketplace by Hymer in 2006 the VAN was unique for being high quality but compact and competitively priced - this model is no different and goes a stage further by offering the first ever semi integrated motorhome to measure 5.45m! In Stock now! Be the first to view this new exclusive motorhome”


but the reference to 2006 relates to the earlier Ford-based “Van” range, NOT TO THE 314 MODEL


The reason you cannot find a 2006-2012 Hymer Van 314 is simple - it’s because that model was not being built then.

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You posted for a 314 and thanks to the ever helpful Derek you now have two choices .

Were you looking for these vehicles because they are compact - widths & length or fixed rear bed?

There are other choices of that era with fixed rear bed usually at 6m but wider at 2.35m.

If it's because of compactness- have a look at the older Exsis SK 3 Berth ( no rear seat belts) or the Exsis SG 4 Berth and 2 rear seat belts. Both models are 5.45 m long and barely wider than the base vehicle and have a huge drop down lengthwise bed.

There is a dedicated owners website exsisowners.com


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