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Cracking of panel above the windscreen on a Burstner


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I bought a Burstner Travel Van T620 G Edition 30 brand new in August 2018.

The problem I have is the cracking of the panel above the windscreen and below

the opening roof. It is the part with the Burstner logo on it. This part has already been

replaced under warranty about a year ago, but the cracking has happened again.

Has anyone had this problem on a Burstner motorhome?

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It sounds as if there's an underlying structural & design issue there. I don't think they've sold many so you may be hard pushed to find someone with a similiar van.


Not wishing to sound negative but this sounds as if it's going to be a continuous problem so this could potentially become an expensive problem for you should you wish to PX or keep the van in the future.


IMO it's probably not too late to initiate rejection procedures. If your van has already been fixed once and that repair has failed then you probably have a good case for rejection.


Here's an example of a rejection case in the 2nd year of ownership: I was reading an Autotrail rejection case recently whereby the Apache 634 attained a 90% damp reading during its first hab service. It went back to Autotrail to be repaired and then a year later the repair failed and the Apache 634 attained a 100% damp reading in the same area. The owner managed to reject it under the Sales of Goods Act 2015.


It sounds like a future nightmare to me.


Good luck,





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Hi, We too bought a Travel Van and now have had two of these trims fail. The dealer has not been too helpful and we had to force the issue to get the first replaced under warranty as they were insistent that we had hit something. There seems to be a problem with the material used for this trim and in the way that it is fixed.
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A frontal image of a Burstner Travel Van T620G is attached below, with a red arrow showing the panel referred to by Claire and Mogman.


The likelihood is minimal that this panel has structural value (Mogman rightly calls it a ‘trim’) so the chances of rejecting the vehicle if the panel cracks must be small.


That Claire and Mogman have both had panel failure (and replacement under warranty) does suggest that the plastic material the panel is made from is problematical (probable) and/or how it fixes to the motorhome stresses the panel (possible).


Claire needs to tell the Burstner dealership from whom she bought the motorhome that the panel has cracked again and insist that the panel be replaced (again!) while her motorhome is still under warranty.


As Claire and Mogman have experienced the same fault more than once, I suggest they both complain to Burstner about this and also report it to the Burstner UK Owner’s Club.




(Unless Burstner has done something positive to address this issue, it’s reasonable to expect panel-cracking to continue to occur and that the cost of outside-warranty replacement will be high. So it’s important that the problem be widely advertised.)


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My 2009 Nexxo has a front roof moulding problem...mine is not the only one..... it seems to be an ongoing problem.

It is Burstners policy to replace the whole front and not repair.....mine has been repaired privately.

My local Burstner dealer, when asked, suggested they only carry out the replacement work in the quiet winter months!

Have seen a few cases on a German MH forum....various dates.


PS. I assume the current problem is possibly due to stress whereas the older problem is due to ill fitting and movement at the bonded seals?



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I think the problem with your motorhome’s front roof moulding is potentially much more serious than the issue discussed above, as a 2009 Nexxo T620G (example image below) does not have the ‘trim-panel’.


I can well believe that, if a problem occurs with a Ford-based Nexxo T620G’s front roof moulding, it could be difficult and expensive to repair satisfactoriy, but replacing a recent Travel Van T620G’s cracked trim-panel would seem to be simple enough (though that obviously depends on how Burstner has chosen to attach that panel).


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Hi , I contacted Burstner in Germany and they responded very quickly. The trim panel is now available in a new material, which would suggest that they were aware of the problem and have done something about it. I emailed my dealer (who have been useless, I’ve been doing their job for them) to ask them to get one of these new panels and to ensure that it isn’t one of the old stock. Hopefully this will resolve the matter.
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