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Nationwide Flex Account travel insurance.

Brian Kirby

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This may be of interest to anyone with one of the above. We have two extensions to the above, one for travel up to 90 days in any single trip, and the other because we are over 70. We also have between us three recorded medical conditions. The latter are not subject to premium adjustments, but being over 70, and travelling for up to 90 days, are.


I got a reminder a couple of days back that renewal of the extensions was due on 31 July, and that I should let them know if I did not wish to maintain the extensions, which would otherwise automatically renew as previously with the additional premium taken by direct debit.


Since we expect to be "grounded" for the remainder of this year, I 'phoned to ask if I could let the extensions lapse for now, but resurrect them in future, and whether the details of the existing extensions would be retained in the policy details for ease of reference. I was assured that I could, and that the details would be retained to be resurrected when required. The cost of resurrecting the extensions would depend on charges current at the time they were resurrected.


I also asked if they had any information on the continuance of the EHIC card, and whether leaving Brexit transition without EHIC cover might increase premiums. The answer to both was no.


I was then asked if we'd been able to travel this year and, when I said that due to Covid-19 we had not, I was advised that we were due a refund on the extensions premiums for the period from 23 March to 31 July - which worked out at a bit over £70, and that this would appear in our Flex Account balance in the next 7 - 10 days.


So, if you have an extended Flex Account travel insurance, it might be worth 'phoning UK Insurance to ask whether you are eligible for a part refund of the extension premiums. There was an earlier letter from Nationwide advising that insofar as Covid-19 related claims were concerned the insurance was invalid, and would remain so until the FO revises its advice on non-essential foreign travel, but the prospect of a part refund of extension premiums was not mentioned, and I have not seen reference to it elsewhere. So, if you didn't know that either, you do now! :-D

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Interesting thread Brian.We have insured with flex plus for a few years and never had a claim,This year we were advised

the leave spain as the lock down came in on the 12th mar;,We packed up on the campsite and headed for the ferry,the one we had booked had been cancelled and we managed to catch the very last of Brittany ferries on the 18th mar; we had paid £284

in upgrades for 103 days for 12 months.we have been fighting to recover some of this from nationwide for about 3 months

now and posted a complaint about 6 weeks ago. still waiting, won,t insure with them again. fesspark.

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You had booked, if I understand correctly, and paid for, a return crossing before 18 March, and were able to use that on 18 March, as the Ferry you had actually booked had been cancelled? So, again assuming I have this right, you suffered no actual financial loss in returning home.


So, the £284 you mention was presumably the premium for the travel insurance extensions? You are now seeking a part refund for the unused balance of that premium? So, what have UK Insurance (who I assume provide the Flex Plus travel insurance as well as the Flex Account travel insurance) said in response to your request for a part refund? Also, on what date does your 103 days extension end? Clearly something is wrong somewhere, as the refund I referred to above was offered, albeit I hadn't seen any mention of such refunds in correspondence from either nationwide or UK Insurance.


Might it be worth asking UK Insurance again, as the lady I spoke to gave me the impression that the refunds were a relatively recent decision on their part, and you presumably made your request sometime back in late March/early April, so possibly before the decision on refunds had been made? It could just be crossed wires, where your informant was unaware of that decision at the time they responded.


Having said that, I haven't got the money yet, just the assurance that it will arrive in 7 - 10 days. :-)


I'd just give them a ring and explain that you have since heard that the unusable portion of the extension premium is refundable. It might be that, as you were actually travelling on 18 March, and so on the day that the Covid-19 cover restriction was introduced, you are somehow not eligible for a part refund. Our last trip was from 10/9/19 to 20/10/19, so none of it was in 2020.

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Thank you Brian, I did pay for the return journey but I had to pay again in March and claim the increased price,but B,F have refunded some of the money after a long struggle.to get it in cash.Still waiting for n.wide to offer me a refund on the travel insurance

that they cancelled.it runs out in December and its unlikely we will be going abroad before then fesspark

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