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Nationwide travel insurance now covers Covid-19


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Like some other forum members I have a Nationwide FlexPlus account that includes travel insurance as a benefit.


I have to day received the following notification


”Your travel insurance will provide cover for events relating to COVID-19, such as emergency medical expenses abroad, cancelling or cutting short a trip, as long as you are not travelling against doctor’s advice and the FCO were not advising against travel both when you booked your trip and when you depart on that trip.

Travel insurance will only cover you for circumstances that you were not aware of when you booked the trip or were due to travel.


We recommend you read your policy terms and conditions for full details on what is and isn’t covered.”




So pretty much back to normal again.


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I hope that’s what it means but I’ve had a real struggle with a travel cancellation claim and five months later I’ve still not been paid. The problem seems to be with UK Insurance Ltd (part of Direct Line) which is the outsourcing company which deals with claims. They came across as really determined to find a reason to reject my claim and were coming up with almost laughable reasons for doing so. Nationwide did then get a grip and told them to consider claims properly but I’m still waiting five months later. Let’s hope this recent notification means what it says.
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Yep I too have suffered from this bunch. They will do anything to avoid a payout. I literally dropped down dead in France and they hounded me throughout my recuperation period in Toulon hospital and after 5 days proudly stated they had found what they believed was a justifiable reason to refuse all payments. This message was delivered cold over the phone an hour before I was to undergo surgery and the the guy on the other end was absolutely gloating about it. He could have liaised with my wife who was in the room with me but he insisted on speaking direct to me even when the whole scenario was explained.


As things panned out my final bill for rescue, hospilization and associated surgery was less than £180 - good old EU - so in the end I could n't give a toss - and having survived a cardiac arrest I would have happily told him where to stuff his insurance.


They really are an absolutely awful bunch. I continue to use Nationwide insurance but fully appreciate the nature of the people one is dealing with. Not only will they expend an inordinate effort avoiding a claim but in my opinion they are morally bankrupt.


It transpires the guy was referring to a very recent medical check up where the cardiologist had stated I was in good health and no treatment was either required or anticipated in the foreseeable future! Quite how the insurance agent believed this absolved them of any liability is beyond me but the issue was so trivial compared to everything else I was experiencing it was simply dismissed. I probably would have adopted a different attitude if I had to pay for everything but fortunately that was not the case.

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