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Ducato MY2019 seatbelt warning


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We recently noticed that the passenger seat seatbelt warning isn't operative i.e. there's no warning if the seatbelt isn't worn. I've jumped up and down in the seat and have checked the wiring under the seat.

I'm presuming that it should work but this text from the owner's handbook suggests that in some markets it may not.


"The vehicle is provided with a system

called SBR (Seat Belt Reminder),

composed of a buzzer which, along

with the flashing warning light

on the instrument panel, warns the

driver that their seat belt or (for

versions/markets, where provided)

the passenger's seat belt is not

correctly fastened"


Before I take it further could someone please confirm that both fronts seats have a seatbelt warning in their van?


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I haven't driven in mine (which is what drives the flashing/buzzer), but the fixed red seatbelt sign which shows up whilst stationary with the engine running, and flashes accompanied by the buzzer when moving, is only functional for the driver's seat whilst stationary.


That's both seats occupied, engine running, light on. Driver buckles, light goes out (regardless of whether passenger buckles or not).


So, unless there is something significantly different whilst in motion (I'll check tomorrow if no-one else has) it looks like driver side only for me. (2018 build).

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Thanks - yes, that's exactly what I'm seeing while stationary and just buckling the driver's belt without any seat occupants will remove the steady warning lamp.


Underway (thankfully before we reached the public highway) there was neither a visible nor audible warning that my wife had forgotten to buckle up, which surprised us. If you are able to confirm at your leisure that this is how your van is configured too then it'd be much appreciated.

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Only the driver's belt alerts if unworn on mine too. I believe that is normal.


From the system description in eLearn:


"The vehicle is equipped with three point seat belts with inertia reel automatic rewinding.


The seat belts for the front seats are fitted with electrically controlled pretensioners with a load restricter.


There is a sensor incorporated in the driver''s belt mounting housing which gives a warning that the seat belt is not fastened with a warning light in the instrument panel coming on and a buzzer."



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Thanks, I'm pleased that it's looking like a feature and not a fault. With Eura Mobil utilising (heavily) the under seat space for batteries, electrics and electronics I was envisaging having problems getting it sorted.


Both previous X250/X290s have been Boxers and we hadn't noticed this functionality, or lack of it, in 10 years of ownership.

Or perhaps Peugeot do install the passenger's belt alarm in a similar way to them fitting brake pad wear sensors on both wheels of each axle rather than just the one fitted by Fiat.

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