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Trump throws his toys out.......again!


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Trump went into a sulk and walked out of his press conference after being called out on a lie by a reporter in relation to the Veterans Choice bill.


It came after Trump claimed he had ‘just signed two great bills for our veterans. We passed Veterans’ Choice and Veterans’ Accountability’.


Veteran's Choice was a key piece of legislation passed by Obama with the assistant of the presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden and rather let it pass Paula Reid from CBS called him out on the lie.


Trump reacted by ignoring her and attempted to move on to another question, before Reid added: "You said that you passed Veterans Choice. It was passed in 2014...it was a false statement, sir."


Trump then appeared flustered as he turned to his left before shutting down the press conference and walking off in a sulk.


Paula Reid has been a frequent target of verbal attacks from Trump, personal abuse from the conservative media hate machine and death threats from his cult - it doesn't seem to have put her off.



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Barryd999 - 2020-08-10 5:49 PM


Its all unravelling for him which is about time but this actually worries me. He is not sane for sure and I think he is extremely dangerous. Im not sure he will go quietly if at all if he loses the election.

He's a psychopath mentally unstable and unfit to hold office, the sooner he's carted off the better. A narcissistic ego he constantly admires himself and reminds everyone of his 'greatness', yet so delicate and thin skinned he goes off in a hissy. The reporter rightly challenged him over his lying but instead of acknowledging it was Obama who passed the legislation, he throws a strop. Big Babie.

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jumpstart - 2020-08-11 7:09 AM


Speaking to my brother in the states, he says don’t forget a huge number of Americans still support him even though they know he lies and the alternatives to him are not great.


Its unbelievable isn't it but we have the same here with Johnson. Its what Populists do, they divide and rule and their "disciples" cannot be swayed even when its blatantly obvious to anyone who has not fallen under their spell that both Trump and Johnson were a terrible choice. I also believe that because of that division and the great rift that they create those that back them cannot lose face by admitting they backed a moron.

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