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France 2020?

Keith T

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Anyone in France at present,.??

We are booked to go towards the end of the month and i am wondering how things are over there with restrictions, masks, etc, also how busy are the campsites....

We normally just travel where we fancy and turn up at sites and have never over previous years ever found a problem.

Is this still the position or are sites likely to be busier than usual in September?

Looking at Brittany then Vendee and down south west coast>

Any information will be helpful, though I appreciate the rules can of course change from day to day!

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We live in the Charente. Our last two trips away were to small municipal camp sites; Aubeterre sur Dronne in 16 and Gouex in 86. Both were very quiet, only about 20% occupancy. All facilities were open and there were no obligations to wear masks other than inside shops and the like, and when moving about in restaurants and bars. You are expected to follow whatever rules the camp sites have imposed in sanitary blocks, usually a one way system and masks while moving about.


There are very few foreign campers and caravanners about other than the Dutch. Hardly any Brits and Germans other than those with holiday homes. There are a lot of French vans on the roads though. My customers who run gites are fully booked with French people from the cities instead of the usual Brits. The aires are pretty quiet too. I pass several on my working routes and most have plenty of room. Both camp sites we stayed on had special offers; Aubeterre was €12 p.n. inclusive of everything and the other was €6 p.n for everything except Wi-Fi.



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We are recently back from Brittany. 1 week near Vannes and 1 week near Les Sables.


Had a great time. Ferry was kept to a low capacity and plenty of cleaning going on.


Campsites were quiet when we first arrived (3rd week of July) and getting only a little busier when we left early August.


Use of face masks was good and the restaurant particularly vigorous


I got the impression they were not expecting a bumper year so as long as you go to an area with plenty of campsites, I think you'll be ok without booking.

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