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I have a Gamin Camper 660LMT-D THATS JUST DIED!


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I’ve not used the Garmin for months but last night I loaded a rout on it and this morning I plugged it and as is normal gave it to my Navigator wife because I'm quite hard of hearing so she interprets. The first mistake the navigator made was to click the option to take us home although I had an alternative route to avoid the A34 but we made it home OK. When we unpacked the camper I picked the Garmin up to show the navigator how to check the list of routes but it was the Garmin was as dead as a DO Do I completed the form to Garmin and now I wait.

Three questions.

1. Has anyone met my problem and if so what was the result?

2. On the bottom left hand edge of the Garmin I can see a small slit with an impossible to identify sign next to it. Could anyone identify that for me please?

3. I've lost the booklet that came with the Garmin. Can one obtain a replacement, if so where and at what cost?

Thanking you in anticipation.

A fourth question. I’m dyslexic so is there any chance of Garmin putting a Spell Check on this forum.


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I had a similar problem once when I forgot to connect the power cable to my Garmin, even though I'd plugged the other end into the power socket. Left it on overnight thinking that it would power off having sensed the loss of power at ignition off, but the following morning it was as dead as you describe. It took about 30 minutes or so of being charged before there was enough power in the internal battery for it to switch on the screen and respond.


I don't have the same model as you, although it is an LMT-D version. Is the slot you mention an SD-card slot for additional memory?

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