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CBE 520 charger voltage spike


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I came back from a trip today, plugged in for the first time in months just to top it off as it's been worked hard for the past few weeks. Solar system was in float stage @ 13.7V. The CBE charger seemed to be quite happy with that for a minute or two, then voltage rose to 15.15V for about 20 seconds and dropped back down to 14.1 where it remains for now.


Has anyone seen behaviour like that before? I intend to ask CBE directly but in my experience, they're not quite as forthcoming as Schaudt or Victron.

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This link is to CBE’s webpage for their CB500 range of charger




This includes the statement


Charging process for 12V batteries:

- Desulphation : when switching on the battery charger, only if needed, the battery is charged at 15,2V until the current exceeds 2A or for a maximum of 2 hours.


The User’s Manual




seems to indicate that this may happen whatever battery-type selector position has been chosen and that (“only if needed”) the CB520 will provide a short-duration over-15V ‘blast’ if it feels in the mood.


(It will be interesting to learn what advice you get from CBE.)

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Haven't gotten round to sending an email just yet but seeing as though it's in the manual (don't remember reading about it before) it's probably not worth asking anyway. I wouldn't even notice it if I hadn't heard the high voltage alarm while taking stuff out of the van when we returned home. A quick boost to stir up the acid and shed some possible sulfation is not a bad idea anyway.
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