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motorhome warranty


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We have just noticed that our June reg 2018 Burstner Ixeo 680G has a ripple in the top of the long Garage door.

apart from having it serviced engine and habitation in June the vehicle has not been on the road since March.

although the 2 year warranty has lapsed, is the body still under warranty?If it is I need to inform the dealer as

soon as possible. fesspark

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The Buerstner website says there is a ten year warranty:




But the habitation check has to be done by a "Buernster contract partner" I fell foul of this requirement when I took my Chausson to a Ford dealer, authorised by NCC but not recognised by Chausson. Fortunately, the dealer, who will get paid by them for any repairs, will fudge things.


Good luck!

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When sold new a Burstner motorhome will have two different warranties.


The link you’ve provided refers to a 10 years “impermeability guarantee" that relates to water ingress and says


...the 10 years’ impermeability guarantee that we will give starting from the 2019 model year. The prerequisite is an annual check (with costs) by a Bürstner contract partner.


(This 10-years warranty may not apply to Robert’s motorhome that was UK-registered in June 2018, which may well make it a 2018 model-year vehicle. If that’s so, it’s likely that the duration of his motorhome’s water ingress warranty will be 5 years.)


The other Burstner warranty is the usual 2-year duration one relating to the conversion side of the motorhome.


Each Bürstner motorhome is covered by a comprehensive warranty for two years from the date of purchase. We even offer a 10 year water ingress warranty with an annual inspection (subject to an additional charge)...


This is the warranty that should apply to the ripple in Robert’s Burstner’s garage door that he has just noticed, but - as he said in his original posting - that warranty will have expired in June 2020.


Continental-European-built motorhomes normally do not require any mandatory ‘habitation servicing’ within the conversion warranty period (though UK dealerships tend to think otherwise!!)




However, maintaining the water ingress warranty will almost always demand an annual inspection by an authorised agent of the motorhome manufacturer. So (however long Robert’s Burstner’s water ingress warranty lasts) an inspection should have been carried out in June 2019 and another in June 2020.


(Water ingress warranties can have a ‘time window’ within which the inspection can be carried out. For example, an inspection due in June 2020 might be delayed until (say) August 2020 and the warranty would continue to be valid. But such things should be stated clearly in the warranty terms and conditions.)


I notice from the following link




that a 2018 Ixeo TL 680G (which I assume is what Robert has) has two doors into its rear garage - a large door on the right and a full-length door on the left (image below). Robert’s original posting suggests that the ripple is in the latter, so door replacement would not be cheap.


I would have thought that - given the ongoing COVID-19 situation - Robert’s dealer (and Burstner) will be prepared to overlook the fact that the 2-year conversion warranty expired a couple of months ago, particularly as the motorhome was “... serviced engine and habitation in June”.


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