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What connector ?


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I had the Bullfinch fitted to the exterior surface of the motorhome. It sits alongside the Gaslow filling point for the onboard cylinders. I use shrader quick release connectors on all lpg items which means I only need carry one Bullfinch 'regulator' to attach to the vehicle on a short length of hose. At the other end is a female shrader connector. On the end of the gas barbecue and two burner grill I have a female connections. So once the short tube is inserted in to the vehicles valve I am free to attach either item to it.

It works for me.

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An image of a quick-release valve is attached below and these things seem to be commonly referred to as “Schrader type”.


This advert shows an external Reich gas outlet




and advises that a “Gemini Outlet Nozzle” would be needed for connecting a gas-hose to it.




This 2017 Caravantalk forum discussion may also be helpful





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