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V5 and emissions figures.

Accipiter Nisus

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In light of the upcoming changes to the London Emissions Zone, I checked the V5 to see if my 2016 Elddis Accordo meets the necessary standards. I know it must comply with Euro 5 as it was first registered in February 2016 when I bought it, and ferreting around in the paperwork that came with it I found the necessary proof, although I have nothing which gives the emissions for this model.


However, the V5 doesn't specify the Euro emissions standard but it gives the figures for CO: 0.399, NOx: 0.217 and HC+ NOx: 0.266. Checking these figures against published Euro standards my van only complies with Euro 4 which must be wrong. Fortunately, when I enter my registration number into the Government's website it meets their standards to drive in both the LEZ and ULEZ zones without charge.


The original registration was done by the dealer where I bought the van, so I presume he must have provided the figures. I am reluctant to stir up a hornets nest by raising this with the DVLA, especially as it isn't, at the moment anyway, causing me a problem. Has anyone else come across this anomaly?

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Those figures conform with Euro Vb figures for Light Commercial Vehicles over 1760kg, and at that registration date it is what I'd expect for a 'van that had been built and stored for a while whilst being converted and sold.


I suspect you've checked against the wrong set of tables (they differ for cars, and for LCVs by weight category).

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Thanks Robinhood. You are right, I have been looking at the wrong tables. What you're saying makes sense too as I can see from the original paperwork that the base vehicle was supplied to Elddis in Oct/Nov 2015 and the hand book is of the same year, so it would almost certainly have been manufactured when Euro Vb was the standard.


It is a pity that the Euro standard isn't printed in the V5, it would make it all much easier. Certainly my local garage couldn't shed any light on it.


I knew I'd find somebody who knows these things on this forum. Thank you once again.

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This DVLA document describes how to complete Form V55/4 when UK-registering a new vehicle




and Field 27 allows the vehicle’s ‘Euro status’ to be entered.


The current V55/4 form is shown here




and Field 27 holds the ‘Euro status’ datum.


This link




advises as follows:


All new cars registered from September 1st, 2015 should be Euro 6 compliant. And from September 2018, the Euro Emission Standard of your car can be found on the V5C document.


If you don’t have a logbook which tells you the emissions rating for your car, it’s worth doing a vehicle specific check. Not only could your car have had a delay between production and registration, but even different trim and specifications of a specific car model can vary in emissions ratings.


Plainly this guidance is aimed at CARS, but the implication is that - as your motorhome was UK-registered in February 2016 - its V5C may well not carry Euro Emissions Standard information.


The V5C for my Rapido motorhome (UK-registered on 22 April 2015) does not carry a Euro Standards Emissions figure nor any Exhaust Emissions data. But there’s no diffiulty confirming that the vehicle’s ‘Euro Status'’ is EURO 5 as this is shown clearly on its Fiat and Rapido Cetificates of Conformity (CoC) that were passed to me by the UK dealership that sold me the motorhome. The CoCs also carry data for exhaust emissions.


(Apparently there was another (significant) revision of the V5C document’s format effective from 15 April 2019.)


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Thanks for the additional information Derek. Unfortunately I didn't receive a CoC when I purchased the van, I assume the dealer hung on to this in order to do the registration, but he didn't pass it on to me. I'm not that surprised though, as this large caravan dealer (to the West of Norwich set among "Green Trees") managed to register my motorhome as a goods vehicle, as I later found out to my cost. It took some considerable trouble to get the DVLA to re-register it and to get the Dartford crossing fines quashed. I was lucky not to be caught by a speed camera. I'm afraid my relationship with the dealer broke down irrevocably after that.
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