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Rapido itineo


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Hi all

Has anyone on the forum owned an itineo A class

I can’t find any decent reviews of them so would appreciate anyone’s thoughts

If not the itineo then a general rapido review.

I am torn between the itineo, knaus live 1 or dethleffs trend

All A class models

Your thoughts on the other two would also be appreciated



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Your enquiry last month referred to Itineo and Dethleffs motorhomes, but not the Knaus “L!VE I” range (though I notice that - coincidentally - I posted a Live I photo in that thread). There’s a review of the LIVE I 700 MEG model (7.53m long) here




As I believe I suggested before, most motorhome-literate people would place the Dethleffs brand above Itineo regarding ‘build quality’ - but Itineo models target a different customer base and will usually be significantly less expensive. Among German A-class motorhome builders Knaus has historically been a mite less conventional (in my opinion) than Burstner, Dethleffs or Hymer regarding ‘look’ and some of the interior ideas, but it’s much harder to make any sort of valid ‘quality’ comparison between Knaus and Dethleffs than against Itineo and Knaus/Dethleffs (though a price comparison is easy enough).


It seems to me that you’ve yet to decide what you are prepared to spend or what features of the motorhome fall into the ‘must have’ category. Commonly-given advice is that a buyer should identify 10 motorhome features of which 5 are non-negotiable ‘must haves’ and 5 are ‘would quite likes’, and any mototrhome that fails to meet ANY of the must-haves criteria should be taken off the shopping-list.


I believe that you currently own a 2017 Swift Escape 674, so would a must-have for any A-class model be an interior layout with a rear U-lounge that matches the Swift’s? The Escape 674 is a 6-berth design with a drop-down ceiling-located bed and 5 travel seats - would you NEED that many berths/seats in the A-class replacement? Until you focus more closely on what you need (and/or the cost) you are going to have great difficulty making an informed decision over exactly what will best suit you.

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Thats great info and much appreciated. I have given a lot of thought to this. The reason I need to change is that my wife suffers from dementia and mobility. She finds the rear lounge bed difficult to get in and out of.

So my must haves are fixed rear singles, second choice fixed double. Wider entrance door and more room to manouver around the cab area. I do all the cooking and generaly everything else. The washing and toilet areas are slightly bigger in the german models which also helps.

So as you say a lot to think about

Thanks again


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Whilst not on your list, my Hymer A class, model B598PL year 2015 has a 70 cm habitation door with a double electric step. There is a further step inside the doorway. It is one of the only vans I have come across with such a generous opening although I am led to believe doors can be modified by some dealers, depending on make and layout of van.


Our must haves when trading back then were to have a single level floor throughout and a shower seperate from the toilet compartment. Both benefit from the extra space. We also wanted a fixed island bed which we got, but there was a twin single variant.


Might be worth looking at the back catalogue or speaking to a Hymer dealer. I link to a review. Good luck in your research.





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