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SOG toilet in a 2019 Nuevo EK


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I have used SOGs successfully in two previous 'vans, and am now fitting one in my third. Everything is fine except I'm stuck looking for a 12v supply in the toilet cassette area. There must be a better way then running a cable back to the leisure battery through below the wardrobe. It's the route out of the cassette compartment that is the challenge. Is there anyone out there with an intimate knowledge of this area?

Thanks in advance. Keith g3ttc

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I THINK a 2019 Auto-Sleepers Nuevo EK will have an electric flush Thetford C223-CS toilet (photo attached below) as described here




The SOG kit for this model of Thetford toilet is shown here.




I’ve fitted a door-mount SOG kit to a Thetford C200 model (quite easy) and to a C403 (an absolute b*gger) and - in both cases - 12V power for the fan unit on the cassette-locker door was picked up inside the locker from where the toilet’s ‘fuse holder’ was located.


I presume a C223 has a similar fuse-holder-in-locker arrangement - though the fuse holder for my C403 toilet was buried in a side-wall near the back of the cassette-locker and not that easy to spot.


SOG installation instructions for C220 toilets are on this NZ webpage




with the 12V electrical connection covered on Pages 4 and 5.


The advice provided


4.5 Laying of wiring loom

Shorten wiring loom to the required length and attach with the cable ties provided.

"Plus" and "minus" can be identified via the colours red and black in the service compartment to the front on the left. Connect cable with the wire tap connectors (red) provided. Attach red cable from wiring loom to "red" and black cable from wiring loom to "black”.


is similar to that given for fitting a SOG kit to C400 toilets - ie. hardly explicit!!! - but it’s plain that one should not need to lead the wiring outside the cassette-locker to obtain a 12V supply.


It’s perhaps worth adding that - once I had managed to decode the SOG instructions and had identified where it was anticipated that a 12V connection would be made, because of the way Rapido had installed the toilet’s electrical cabling I seriously considered taking the SOG wiring out of the cassette locker and picking up a 12V supply in the upper part of the toilet. In the end I did manage to connect up the SOG wiring inside the locker, but it cost me blood (literally) and I needed to carve away a small part of the locker’s sidewall to gain sufficient space for the connectors.


(And for people who pour scorn on ’scotchlok’ cable connectors, try installing a SOG kit on a Thetford C403L toilet without using them...)



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Many thanks for your extensive reply. As I also have an electrical background (35 years working on BBC transmitters), with the supplies turned on at the van control panel I would expect to find 12v on the back of the push button "flush" switch (it's a pcb with several ICs) but nothing. Myself and a knowledgeable friend have been all over the cassette cubicle but can't find a supply. The case continues...

Keith g3ttc

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This link is to Installation Manuals for Thetford C223-S and C223-CS toilets






with the electrical connection for the C223-CS toilet shown on Pages 10 and 11.


(I assumed earlier in this thread that your Nuevo had the C223-CS model).


I’ve attached below Thetford’s drawing for the C223-CS that shows the ‘cable run’ (I’ve arrowed this in red) and it certainly looks like the cable that provides 12V power enters the housing that will contain the cassette and then just runs up to the push-button flush switch (and that there’s no fuse arrangement in the cassette locker as on my Rapido’s Thetford C403 toilet).


I hesitate to ask this, but - when you looked for ‘live’ 12V power at the flush-switch’s PCB - you did have the motorhome’s water-pump turned on?


As i understand Thetford’s manual, if the cable is ‘sheathed’ there will be four wires inside the sheath - Black & Red for 12V power and Grey & Purple to go back to the motorhome’s water-pump, and it’s the Red & Black pair that you’ll need to connect to. The SOG instructions seem to suggest that the cable is unsheathed (as I’ve arrowed in green in 2nd image below) but Auto-Sleepers may have ‘hidden’ the cable during conversion, or brought it into the cassette locker elsewhere. Facilitating adding a SOG kit would not have concerned A-S.



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