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Knaus or dethleffs


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I have now narrowed my new motorhome choice to Knaus or dethleffs

I mentioned this to the dethleffs man and he immediately hit me with knaus poor build quality.

Cynical as I am I couldn’t say he was wrong because I didn’t know

I am swaying to the knaus though

Can anyone help with my dilemma. As my previous post

Mentioned I have considered the itineo but ive shelved that one

Many thanks


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A salesman of another brand is unlikely to extol the benefits of his rivals. Knauss are a well established German brand, as are Dethleffs who come under the Hymer group. Itineo are a Rapido brand. The best thing is to make up your own mind by looking at the models that you are interested in. The large shows are ideal for this purpose.
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Previous related forum threads






David is looking for a new “entry level A class motorhome”. This inevitably means a Continental European-built model, and there are other important considerations that David described in the first link above.


A basic selection difficulty is that, nowadays, there are many motorhome manufacturers marketing RELATIVELY inexpensive A-class models.









Eura Mobil











Roller Team




though some of those brands may have a very limited number of UK dealerships and the UK list prices may not meet David’s idea of “inexpensive”.


I believe there is no informed foundation to the suggestion that the build-quality of Knaus motorhomes generally is/has been worse than that of Dehleffs - though that certainly does not mean that a buyer cannot end up with a ‘lemon’ from either manufacturer.


SMC Motorhomes at Newark has a Knaus agency




and I suggest David contact them and ask for THEIR opinion of Knaus versus Dethleffs.


(There’s a Knaus dealership search facility here.)



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If a salesman makes negative comments about a rival's build quality he should be asked to back those comments up with sound facts. If he is unwilling to do this then the comments should be taken with a pinch of salt.


For our part I found that actually getting inside vans of different manufacturers gave a good impression of general build quality. Some of the most consistent indicators were the fit and function of drawers and cupboards and the depth and quality of settee cushions along with the fit of windows and hatches. When you consider that the majority of vehicles based on any one engine / chassis have identical running gear it is the interior furnishings, fittings and apertures that make the difference.

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Thanks for all of your comments

Went to view a knaus I live 700 Meg over the weekend

Perfect for my needs. It’s got the new 9 gear auto box

Which again suited me. So deposit placed and looking forward

To our first trip in it. Subject to any new Covid rules

Thanks again for all the advice


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