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Fiat Euro 6 160hp engine - DPF sensor issue


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I'm new to the forum and have had some helpful responses to my question about the control panel display on our new Rapido i86 motorhome. I'd be interested to know if others have come across a problem with the new Fiat 160hp Euro 6 engine - we have this fitted along with the new auto gearbox. We were alerted to a problem by a friend who took delivery of a new Autotrail van conversion a few weeks before ours was delivered. He has the same engine and at 130 miles the orange 'check engine' warning came on and the 'start-stop' function was disabled. He had to leave his van at a Fiat Professional garage and was unable to take it to France as he had planned. It was suggested that the problem was with the DPF sensor BK20 BSE and these were on back order from Fiat in Italy. There were two other vans at the garage awaiting rectification of the same problem.


I alerted our dealers to this potential problem beforfe we picked it up, but our van had apparently seemed OK. However, we had driven only five miles from the dealers when we experienced exactly the same problem! We called Fiat camper assist who sent out the RAC - diagnostics suggested a problem with the DPF system and it was suggested that we had a longish run to clear any accumulated soot. The RAC cleared the warning and we went on our way. Unfortunately we only got about 50 miles before the warning was back on and 'start-stop' was deactivated. The RAC attended again and gave the same advice, before clearing the warning again. Twenty miles into our trip to the Outer Hebrides the light was back on. We carried on with our trip and the engine performed normally for almost 1,000 miles. On our return, the dealers sent the van to Fiat Professional in Stoke and it has now allegedly been fixed - no warning light but 'start-stop' still apparently not functioning. Our friend with the Autotrail is in the same boat and is returning to Fiat Professional for advice.


Our dealers have one other van with the same problem. Fiat have not, as far as I know, acknowledged this problem or issued a recall. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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